Energy Shields to Stop Radioactive Poisoning
Before it Starts.

Who Is

This is an offer to protect you, your family, your lands, and your people before, during & after an atomic or germ warfare incident.

We make Homeopathic medicine to counteract radioactive poisoning.

We offer to broadcast life saving energyforms anywhere on earth using your photographs as targets for a bio-luminescence shield set up to protect you.

In different countries & in different time periods, the food & clothing were different.
You know the food at a Mexican restaurant is different than at an Italian restaurant.

There are different sciences also. We don’t offer American F.D.A. approved drugs.
We offer to set up living energy blueprints that are personally & specifically radiation & plague resistant.

Energy, living energy, can be targeted anywhere on earth, it just needs a photograph, such as a Google image, or a satellite photograph, or a digital e/mailed photo to attach itself to.

This energy warfare, this type of science, is Vedic Science; it is ancient Indian science,
refined for American & European modern usage by Dr. Ernest Holmes & Dr. B. Copen. 

Since March 14th, 2011 we’ve actively been working for Tokyo Electric &
We want to enroll you in the possibility we can protect you, your family.
If you want to protect your lands, your people, please, put us in contact with the boss.

With governments collapsing through out the tinderbox Middle East & the
U.S. of A. falling apart, for lack of vision & leadership, it is past time to decide.

E/mail us, we want to set up Cosmic Ray Tele-Therapy Broadcasting Treatment for you now. We need your photo, or the lands satellite photograph ASAP. Radioactivity is waves, not particles, radioactive waves look like a snake wiggling,  so we set up a counter wave to neutralize the poison, hence; Snake-Charmers.

Like all opportunities for success God helps those that help themselves. First on life raft, first to get TREATMENT. We do not work for the Government, so all our expenses are passed on to our clients & client states. Our work is reasonable, if you had the time to study the matter, you might reach the same conclusions, so reach out for help, for you first & for your people. Consultation free ~ Treatment Guaranteed, contact info:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Jack Prac 713-398-0400, Texas Atomic Army, USA


1 yr. supply
Homeopathic Formula


1 yr. supply for 4
Homeopathic Formula

Large Qty.

Recommended for towns,
cities and countries. Prices
vary based on population.
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accurate pricing.

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