We 27 people @ www.snake-charmers.com would like to enroll you in the possibility of setting up bio-luminescence living energy shields to protect your peoples & property against the effects of atomic + germ warfare.
Please, we ask, pass this information on to decision makers & make a decision.   

Our government & military deny the problem, while the Russian Military Colleges has always taught the doctrine of winnable nuclear war; America has had the lie of “MAD”. The march of asymmetric warfare & war by proxy are all about. Think of us as building a living energy fence to keep out death & maintain life. Only using the Universal Principles of WORDS + NUMBERS can cage the effects of nuclear tornados.  The Science of Mind is: “every word specializes its own law and carries its own mathematics along with it.” Churning, activating these Words & Numbers are an adequate defense before & during death war.
These numbers are the Rays & the Words are the Patterns in / of protection for your lands & lives. First contact, first served, this is insurance to stabilize any and all parts of the world against Atomic Suicide.

For Atomic Warfare these are the
Reinforcement & Interference Numeric Patterns + Rays:

Sidereal Radioactivity 342775
Radiation Sickness 907274
Radioactive Fallout 304218
Radiation Syndrome 8049
To Clear Radioactive Fallout 2725485

The Principles of Life & Death in a Radioactive Storm are:

Orgone 293227155
Deadly Orgone 174134120

Atomic Atmosphere medicine: Septenate Mixture per Dr. Bhattacharyya

For Biological Warfare several samples, of 27 Numeric Rays + Rates

Smallpox 60712
Death 504
Variola Poxviridae Orthopox 60712
Human parasites 1088119

Total Alien Warfare (combating foreign troops)

"Slongabis Slongagift Gen im sond" (Prussian Weapon) 16719141330
"To clear an area of warriors" 12196791017
"Remove warriors from a stronghold" 14709001233
ASMODAEUS, Exterminate enemies of Al Muhsi 11236211010
Ni’ U AR I (Ni’uari)   Mayan Method of Death 174134120



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