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“All our science is the translation into words or numerical symbols of that order which already exists”.

We propose to create areas of Living Light wherein atomic fallout, atomic bombs & biological weapons are rendered impotent, not functional. No matter how far underground an atomic lab is located a ‘bunker buster’ is not needed. Light & Mind, Numbers & Words are Creative Principles that are Omni-active, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. The Vedas are songs, The Psalms are songs. There is a Valis, a Vast Active Living Intelligent System or Network that reacts to the Spoken Word whether it be English, Chinese or mathematical.  Thomas Toward a Vedic scholar & one of the founders of the New Thought Movement said:

“No one can deny that there is an intelligent order throughout all nature, for it requires the highest intelligence of our most highly-trained minds to follow the steps of this universal intelligence which is always in advance of them. The more deeply we investigate the world we live in, the more clear it must become to us that all our science is the translation into words or numerical symbols of that order which already exists.”

Using Phychotronic devises, mind machines, which are human beings minds, we propose setting numeric shields in Life in areas needful.
In the age of the Mantras, in the Hermetic age, in the age of the pyramid builders there were sciences based on acoustics, on the spoken word & most especially on Living Mantras formed as buildings & machines (yantras) that produced results at a distance.

The Mayan priest craft saw their God as the giver of Measure & Movement. “Measure of the soul & movement of the energy which is spirit.”
Hunbatz Men said “cells & molecules conform to geometric patterns whose dimensions are maintained by molds of vibration energy. The human being is the total result of the Law of Compensation based on mathematical values.”

The Vedic Rishi could see the Mantras & be the Mantras as well as seeing & being the songs of the Vedas.  Vedic Physics a book by the enlightened Raja Ram Mohan Roy describes the difference between modern physics & the physics of the Atharva Veda book of the Angira who were the priest scientists who were ‘back hurler’ dispelling nuclear & biological warfare.

In these other times sciences, just like food & clothing were different than now. Is Mexican cuisine better than Italian food? No, just different.
Are togas better than trousers? No, just different. On another page we will list the numbers, & measurements & movements necessary for decommissioning nuclear & biological weapons from a distance.



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